Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tournament Report 12/12/2009

Again, I attended my weekly tournament held at my local card shop. I was using Gladiator Beasts again, however I did not perform up to standard. I did not manage to get a prize..... :(

I arrived at around 1pm, and registered for the tournament. After about 30 mins, round 1 started..

Deck Used: Gladiator Beasts (Only one there today)

Round 1: Me (Gladiator Beasts) VS Jin Hao (Tragedylords)XX
Game 1 + Game 2: A few misplays and a bout of bad draws enabled him to win 2-0

Round 2: Me (Gladiator Beasts) VS Spiky (Dark Count)OO
Game 1: After he summoned Zero Gardna, I immediately Book of Mooned it during his end phrase, thus stopping him from using its effect on the next turn. After he managed to use Final Countdown, I brought out Heraklinos on the 7th turn and proceeded to beat him down with it.

Game 2: Heraklinos came out early, which means that he could not use many traps and spells, which ended in his defeat.

Round 3: Me (Gladiator Beasts) VS Bryan (Burn) OO
Round 1 + 2: Heraklinos really pwns burn deck's asses........

Round 4: Me (Gladiator Beasts) VS Wei Xiang (Twilight) OO
Game 1: Managed to keep his monsters off the field, while applying beatdown with my beasts.

Game 2: He drew super bad and lost shortly after I summoned Kycoo....

TOP 8: Me (Gladiator Beasts) VS Hong Rui (Zombie Synchro)
Game 1: Lost after bout of super bad draws...

Game 2: We traded blows, until we ended up in top-decking mode. However, he managed to get monsters after monsters while I drew nothing to counter him...

Sad that I couldn't get a prize, but was a super fun day....

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tournament Report 5/12/2009

I went for my local cardshop's weekly tournament today, and returned home with a 4th placing. Basically, I met up with my friends at Thousand taste at around 1pm, and proceeded to register and trade. I managed to acquire 3x forced requisition and 1x tragodeia for my new deck.... And after and hour of waiting, the tournament finally began!

Round 1: Me (Dimension Cat Gladiators) VS Darren (Zombie Synchro) OXO
Game 1: I managed to maintain control with Kycoo and Gyzarus, and finally brought out a Heraklinos to finish him off.

Game 2: I was starting quite well until he managed to pull off many synchros in 1 turn. After seeing my next draw, I proceeded into scoop phrase.

Game 3: 1st turn I activated Dimension Fissure and kept his zombies at bay with my Kycoos and GB shenanigans.


Round 2: Me (Dimension Cat Gladiators) VS Hongrui (Blackfeathers) XX
Game 1: I keep drawing nothing except monsters, and got beaten down by his BFs.

Game 2: Again, I kept drawing monsters. and when I managed to draw something useful (Summon Priest), he had Icarus attack to counter it. And I died to Vayu and Sirocco.

After-game Thoughts: Should I go back to the dark side?? Hmmmm....

Round 3: Me(Dimension Cat Gladiators) VS Wei Xiang (Lightlords) OO
Game 1: He scooped after I applied pressure on him with dimension fissure and kycoo. After the duel, he revealed that he had drew all 3 Wulfs in his opening hand... How godly is that.

Game 2: I won after managing to deck him out. Somehow, he managed to pull out Judgment Dragon and attack, and after that, he had 9 cards left in his deck. During his end phase, he milled 4 cards and special summoned a Wulf. During my turn, I drew a Waboku, and set it with my in hand X-Saber Airbellum. During his turn, he drew and attacked with both his monsters, and I activated waboku, and then he had to end, thus milling his final 4 cards and decked out.

After-game thoughts: It was a really nerve-wrecking duel, as I had no confidence of winning Lightlords.

Round 4: Me (Dimension Cat Gladiators) VS Jun Yong (Burn) OO
Game 1: I managed to win through pure beatdown. BUt our lifepoints were very low as he managed to burn me using cards like secret barrel, Des Koala and Just Deserts.

Game 2: I won this duel after bringing out Heraklinos and negated most of his spells and traps, and when he tried to activate Royal Oppression to negate my Gladiator's effects, I chained fairy winds.

After-game thoughts: Burn is ........

I got into top 8!!! Finally I topped after a loooooong time.

Top 8: Me (Dimension Cat Gladiators) VS Darren (Zombie Snchro) OO
Game 1: I won by using my Gladiators to beat him down. I also used Retiati to remove all of his zombies from his grave, maing him unable to use his Book of Life and Zombie Masters.

Game 2: I almost lost this game, as he managed to top-deck Book of Life after Book of Life to revive his Revived King Ha Des to apply beatdown on my creatures. But I managed to draw a god card..... SUMMON PRIEST!!!! I used it to bring out a Rescue Cat and used it to bring out a Samnite and a Test Tiger, in turn bringing out a Darius with Test Tiger's effect, to pull back Bestiari and contact fuse for Gyzarus, which won me the game, after he failed to draw anything.

Top 4: Me (Dimension Cat Gladiators) VS Melvin (Unknown.Dek) XX
Game 1: Lost to Prime Material Dragon. Nuff said.

Game 2: Lost to Prime Material Dragon again. -_-

3rd and 4th Playoff: Me (Dimension Cat Gladiators) VS Jinhao (Lightlord)
Game 1 & 2: Lightlords are strong. Nuff said.

In the end, I got 4th place and got a Junk Archer as a prize. Overall, I feel tha tour team did quite well in this tournament, as 3 out of the 4 seats in the top 4 were occupied by Team Mythos members. Hope that I can continue this streak in the coming weeks