Saturday, March 27, 2010

Return of RAUZES!!!

Hey everyone!!! One of the most amazing bloggers in the world of Yu-Gi-Oh is back!! And he is non other than the famous Rauzes!! Here is his so-called new blog, where he will be blogging regularly.

I will let the post tell u more about his return, but most of all I am happy that he is back to blogging!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tournament Report 20/03/2010

Hi everyone!! It has been quite a while since I entered a blog post. Have been busy with work so I apologize about it. Anyway, I managed to get 1st place today at my local tournament. Although there were pretty few competitors(10), most of them were strong players. Deck used today was anti-meta glads.

Round 1: Me (Anti-Meta Gladiators) VS Sazabi (Gadgets) OO
Game 1: I manage to gain advantage after he misplayed and left his Cyber Dragon and a gadget on the field. On my turn after drawing I immediately fused for Chimeratech Fortress Dragon, and began beating him down with Raioh and otehr creatures.

Game 2: Manage to outplay him with bigger monsters on the field. Close game.

Round 2: Me (Anti-Meta Gladiators) VS Takoyaki (Infernities) OO
Game 1: I was not really confident of this match-up as I did not test much against Infernities. However, he had a bad hand and I managed to squeeze a win out of that by using Raioh beat again.

Game 2:I manage to deal him some damage with Raioh yet again, before he Mind Controlled my Raioh. However, he scooped when he realized that he sided out his Zombie Carrier, thus leaving him with no other options.

Round 3: Me(Anti-Meta Gladiators) VS Shinn (Whirlwind BF) XOO
Game 1: I lost after he managed to top deck a Sirocco with me having no monsters that can get rid of it.

Game 2: Manage to apply beatdown with Raioh and Cyber Dragon, as well as some Gladiator Beasts.

Game 3: Won pretty easily due to him drawing no monsters.

Round 4 Me (Anti-Meta Gladiators) VS Yew Loong (Vahalla Angels) XOX
Game 1: Lost to Christia

Game 2: Won due to him not drawing Christia

Gam2 3: Lost to Christia yet again.

Got into top 4 with 9 points

Top 4: Me (Anti-Meta Gladiators) VS Axehead (Whirlwind BF)OXO
Game 1: Won due to beatdown again......

Game 2: Lost due to no monster hand and him Delta Crowing my spells and traps.

Game 3: Won in a topdeck war

Top 2: Me (Anti-Meta Gladiators) VS Redempt (Sporelords)OXO
Game 1 and 3: Won due to me top-decking Heavy Storm to clear his backrow before using Gyzarus to finish the job.

Got a Ghost Rare Power Tool Dragon