Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tournament Report 02/10/10

Hi everyone!! Im very very sorry for the lack of blog posts as previously I had examinations, as well as not much motivation to blog. Anyway, I went to a local tournament yesterday, and only mamnaged to get 7th place out of 19 people... -.-
Pardon my foggy memory.

Deck Played: X-Sabers

Round 1: VS Kee(Black Feather) XOO
Game 1: I lost due to not drawing much monsters, and him gaining massive advantag from Black Whirlwind.

Game 2: I somehow manage to pull of the Cold Wave/Hyunlei combo on him, and gained advantage from multiple Darksouls.

Game 3: We were both topdecking, and he drew a Gale to kill my monster, however, I drew Starlight Road to stop his Icarus Attack and Holy Light to end him.

Went around trading and such while waiting for the next round's pairings to be released.

Round 2: VS Alex(Black Feather) XX
Game 1 & 2: Died to multiple monsters... End of story

Round 3: VS TingJun(Gigavise) OO
Game 1: Controlled him with monsters:

Game 2: Almost got killed by him, but topdecking skills are too strong. Topdecked something which I can't remember to win the game :P

Advanced to top 8

Top 8 match 1: VS Aim(Sabers Mirror) OXX

Game 1 & 2: Don't really remember how I won and lost.

Game 3: I lost to his topdecking skills. I had a face up faultroll and another monster on the field. He topdecked monster reborn, and used his in-hand mind control to take my faultroll and used it against me.... And I just died like that O.o

Bottom 4: Vs Alex again XX
Game 1 & 2: Pro player is pro.. Need I say more??

7th and 8th: VS Yong Xiang(Quickdraw Dandy)--
We just shared the prize.

Game 1&2: Never happened.