Sunday, January 2, 2011

Deck Review: Fish Synchro

Hey everyone! Once again, happy new year!! With the new year, comes new sets that will help boost the metagame pretty significantly, such as GOLD SERIES 2011, where Trishula will become legal in major tournaments here in asia, as well as EXTREME VICTORY, where the new archetype, Tech Genus, will become available to us. Anyway, onto the main post today. I will be doing a deck review on the decktype which has become popular both in the OCG and TCG metagames. The deck is Fish Synchro. Basically, there are a few variants of this decktype which are used.

-Hyper Librarian Mass Draw
-Mausoleum OTK
-Frog Fish Synchro

Firstly, I will talk about the Hyper Librarian Mass Draw variant. Ever since the synchro TECH GENUS-HYPER LIBRARIAN was released in the OCG, many decks have found ways to abuse it one way or another. Fish synchro is no exception. People have been adding in cards that are not normally found in this deck, such as Metabo Shark and 7-Colored Fish, in order to synchro summon Hyper Librarian. The otk normally ends with a Scrap Dragon, a Holy Ancient Wyvern and a Scrap Archfiend.

Next, there is the Mausoleum variant of the deck. This version utilizes the field card MAUSOLEUM OF THE EMPEROR to summon the big fish easily. This enables the combo to work without having 2 tributes on the field, and can catch your opponent off-guard, as they would expect you to stall till you get 2 tributes on the field before you start your combo.

Finally, there is the variant that incoporates frogs into the deck. This variant uses cards typically found in frog monarchs, such as Treeborn Frog and Ronintoadin to generate multiple tributes to summon the big fish easily. Then, it can also do the same type of combo as the Hyper Librarian variant, and also be able to slowly stall with cards such as Dupe Frog and Snowman Eater.

However, there are a few cards that this deck has to watch out for. One such card is Effect Veiler. After painstakingly summoning the big fish and activate its effect, a Effect Veiler can totally screw up the whole combo. However, there is a way to get around this con. You can special summon a Fishborg Blaster before activating the effect of the big fish, as doing so will be able to protect the big fish's effect from being negate by tributing the Fishborg Blaster.

Anyway, be sure to expect this deck to rise in popularity in the coming months due to its OTK capabilities.

I will be back with another deck review soon, as school has just resumed and I am busy with projects. For now, enjoy the new year and once again, a very happy new year to all readers!!